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"We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way."

-John Holt, Educator









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Anna Esparza | Terry Parker | Jan 26, 02 | July 27, 02 | Jan 25, 04 | Collage 9/07

Various students from Jan 25, 2004

The weather in California is always a mystery this time of year. This year we were treated to a beautiful sunshiney day in the Illustrated Watercolor Journaling Cottage and Garden. Beautiful weather for journaling outside!

This image is from Martha McEvoy's floor plans of her room for her two bunnies. What a great life they must lead!

Edna Schettler (left) shows a floor plan of a house she used to live in, and tells some memories from her childhood, and Mary Ellen Johnson (right) tells a remembered story of being young and "playing school" with her uncle: she still does, as she is the Superintendent of Loma Prieta School district!


Jill Schettler created a collage of different things growing in the garden.

Linda Schenck's unfinished drawing of Gay's house, rock walls and gardens. Is that your car, Linda?


"The frog looked up at me and said 'I am a magic frog: Kiss me and I will help you paint'"
by Suzanne Holthalls

The cottage on Gay's property

Rock wall by Dana Scoby


Cindy Leonardo's feathered tiger

Clair Scoby's perspective sunset

The bird's eye view of Jeannine Kenworthy's childhood pool

The cottage classroom

Glenda Benevides's floor plan and memories of her family home in Salem Oregon.


Dana Scoby showing her memories from her family home when she was young.

Dana Scoby's Lemon tree

End of the evening sunset - Spectacular!

Photo by Linda Schenck

Anna Esparza | Terry Parker | Jan 26, 02 | July 27, 02 | Jan 25, 04 | Collage 9/07
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