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"What I began to see by drawing is that everything is actually special and unique and interesting and beautiful. Everything."

-Danny Gregory









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Gay's Journal 2002

Christina's Journal 2002

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This Owen's valley page is from my September trip to my sister's house in Lone Pine, CA. Beautiful countryside.

This summer solstice weekend I spent at Mono Lake with the "Hot Buttered Rum String Band" - great bluegrass music and a wonderful moonset.

The snowy mountains are the east side of the Sierra Nevada driving home from Lone Pine after Christmas.

I've always wanted to go up to Point Reyes, as I always see it on the airplane from SFO to Europe, but have never been up that way. Andy took me, but I didn't realize how twisty the roads were, and I was a little car sick the whole time. But boy was it Beautiful! Desolate like parts of Ireland!
The local pub for Celtic music, The King's Head. I created this one day sitting and listening to my family talk, and talk... I was relaxing and almost meditative. A very different journal page for me. I like how it makes me feel when I see it.
More local music at the King's Head. Note the clothing wore on the legs in the blow up. :) I was journaling during one of our classes last year, and I really like the quality of image I get when I write around the images. I frames objects so nicely.

Beautiful Yosemite in spring. The small stamp-like image is a photo from my digital camera that I printed when I got home, and cut the edges with a pair of jaggy scissors.


This page from my last watercolor book was a beautiful January day this year when we ate at Aldo's on the harbor. It was low tide, and a sail boat got stuck on the harbor's infamous sand bar -- a local surfer helped the Harbor Master with the rope, and soon, all was well again.

My garden and some special leaves. Summer time in the garden is always beautiful!


Sometimes I get the chance to draw and paint the day of the watercolor classes -- today was one of those times! Gay's garden is beauiful. Always so much to paint!

I created several signs for Rancho Del Oso -- here's a raptor in full glory!

Mt St. Michel in Normandy, France has always seemed fairy tale like -- separated from the shore by flowing seas, sandy shores all around. We spent the night out on this island, and watched as the tourists came out to the causeway after dark to take pictures (with their flashes!) of the beautiful scene at night.


There is so much music in the Santa Cruz Mountains! Here's a band that's been playing together for a while.

Shawn Colvin played at Villa Monvalvo, Saratoga, CA, and while I've seen her many times before, this time her nearly four year old daughter, Kali, graced us all with her spinning, dancing presence while Shawn sung her lovely folk songs. It was a magical afternoon, coming to life with the sweetness of a child with her mother.

Thursday nights at the King's Head Pub in Campbell, CA there is a celtic jam session. Always good music and good food and beer.

Standards in Dublin, IrelandIreland has some of the most wonderful lampposts. Different sizes and shapes for different era's. I noticed them the second time I ever went to Dublin, and one day, years later, I was able to sit and make a drawing of some of them.
In August I visited my sister for a week's worth of hikes and painting. This day we hiked in about five miles into the Eastern Sierra backcountry from Horseshoe Meadow. This was the reward for a long uphill hike.
Sandycove, Dublin, IrelandI love how culture and just basic living is spread around in Dublin. This is a old watchtower from when Ireland was a part of England, then James Joyce and his buddy stayed here, and it became the opening lines to Ulysses.

My morning walk has some beautiful spots on the trail. This morning I brought the journal with me and took a few moments to sketch the view. I colored it in when I got home.


Living in Dublin through September 11 was unsettling to say the very, very least. I missed home, family, and a sense of security that we all lost. Our trip to The Netherlands was postponed because we didn't want to get on ANY airplanes on September 12, so when we finally did make it to Amsterdam a week later, this photo of a child with a flag in it's mouth was so sweet and innocent. I love how traveling makes you see so much more.

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