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"There are no bad drawing. Drawings are experiences. The more you draw, the more experience you get... Release you ego's desire for perfection. Take risks. Stretch. Grow. Create as much as you can, whenever you can."

-Danny Gregory
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Gay's Journal 2004

Christina's Journal 2004

Gay took a wonderful watercolor and gouache class with Mary Jo Koch and painted Beetles all day. Great class, great teacher, great people, great location, great lunch (included!)

Christina took a lovely trip to Paris in July with girlfriends and enjoyed the time away to play and get creatively inspired! A must for everyone; whether it is in the next town or all the way to Paris! This trip was extra special to me because it has been nearly 10 years ago that I came to Paris with different girlfriends and I started Watercolor Journaling for the first time.Full circle! Yay!

Lovely Big Horn sheep -- 4th time painting it!

The first day there was HOT and MUGGY. We barely could stand from the heat and the jetlag. That evening it started to rain, relieving everyone! No, I can't draw quite that realistically -- those are pasted in sugar wrappers.

July 6th: a Fourth of July celebration at our local church.

A lovely few shops in the Marais. Wonderful shopping and window shopping, even!

Paris is THE place to go for new clothes. July is a great time for sales -- everywhere we went there were signs on the window saying "Soldes" which means "Sale!"
I was inspired to use my soggy tea bag as a texturizer on the watercolor paper -- It worked so well I started dipping it into my watercolors and getting some great effects!

Silver Mountain Winery

I was very inspired to come back to the States and start a new business -- her are some of the ideas that Julie Valentine and I were brainstorming!

Leffe is my favorite Belgian Ale. I wish we could get it here in California!

Wonderful tea and of course Amazing food in Paris. More tea bag texturizer here!

All the great stuff I brought back! Magazines, pens, pencils, postcards, stamps, new blank hard to find watercolor journals, tissue to collage with... Yay for Paris!

New Dragon's Tongue Brush -- just wonderful!

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